Newsletter – September 20, 2021

  • Newsletter – September 20, 2021


    Oops: United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Tipped Backwards In Idaho
    Sometime on September 17th, a United Airlines Boeing 737-900 tipped backward, experiencing a stationary tail strike. Having arrived in Lewiston (Idaho) after a flight from LAX, the aircraft was photographed in its unfortunate position, with the picture then being shared on Twitter. Read more here.


    CMA CGM hit by another cyber attack
    CMA CGM has been hit by another cyber attack, just under one year since its last big breach.
    The French containerline told customers today that it had suffered a leak of data on limited customer information involving first and last names, employer, position, email address and phone number. CMA CGM said its IT teams have immediately developed and installed security patches. Read more here.

    Are panicked, overbuying American shippers the reason for today’s container crisis?
    Around a fortnight ago an agitated head of supply chain for one of the world’s largest BCOs rang Splash. The executive – responsible for shipping more than 60,000 feu on the transpacific – was adamant that the narrative with this year’s supply chain chaos was all wrong.
    The elephant in the room with the box buildup across US coastlines is not what is generally being reported, the supply chain chief claimed. The real cause of the problems has been massive over-ordering by panicked shippers. Read more here.

    Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach expand hours to speed cargo throughput, first step toward 24/7 operations
    The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have expanded the hours during which trucks can pick up and return containers as part of their efforts to improve freight movement and reduce delays through the ports as they continue to experience record volumes.
    The Port of Long Beach will maximise nighttime operations in what the port’s executive director Mario Cordero referred to as a first step toward a 24/7 supply chain. Read more here.


    If supply chains are a mess, why is global trade booming?
    Scan the headlines and you could be forgiven for thinking that global trade is a mess. Crisis brings a “me-first” mentality that has in the past wreaked havoc with global trade. Then there are the lockdown interruptions, and more recently, supply chain constraints caused by rapid recovery and Delta variant outbreaks at sensitive supply points. Mix in the challenges of the multilateral trade process and other World Trade Organization woes, and it would seem that this sensitive sector of the world economy is adrift. What do the numbers say? Read more here.

    Daily Infographic: Don’t wait till Black Friday to shop for holidays
    ‘Our normal holiday peak buying days are Black Friday and Cyber Monday”. See the infographic here.

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