Newsletter – September 17, 2020

  • Newsletter – September 17, 2020


    Air Canada Launches Monthly Infinite Flight Pass

    It is rare to see a premium airline offer an unlimited flight pass, but Air Canada is doing just that. In an effort to stimulate travel and generate some revenue, Air Canada is now offering an Infinite Canada Flight Pass. Prices vary depending on the duration of the pass, the type of fare, and where you reside, but if you are a frequent flier in Canada, the offer may catch your interest. Read more here.


    Maersk restructuring to affect one third of its staff
    A huge restructuring at Maersk will affect one third of of the Danish conglomerate’s staff as it moves to integrate subsidiaries into the core organisation.
    Maersk recently announced plans to phase out its Damco and Safmarine brands while aligning many global functions of Hamburg Sud into the Maersk organisation. Read more here.

    Liners bow to Beijing’s intervention and ease pricing on the transpacific as America issues warning
    Major containership lines have adjusted their pricing on the transpacific after Chinese transport authorities intervened to curb the surging rates on the tradelane with American officials also warning they’re ready to step in.
    The actions by the liners follow in the wake of the Ministry of Transport holding a meeting with the carriers last week, demanding to normalise pricing and deploy more capacity to North America amid a period where rates have surged to record high levels. Read more here.

    Fully Autonomous Ship With No Crew Set To Make World’s First Autonomous Transatlantic Voyages
    ProMare, a non-profit marine research organization in collaboration with IBM, the University of Plymouth, and other scientific organization have designed a fully autonomous ship named Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS).
    MAS is fully-autonomous and will be world’s first full-sized vessel to set transatlantic voyage with zero crew members. Read more here.


    Track Disruption near Hope, BC – Update
    We would like to update you on the status of the track that was affected by a service disruption as a result of a derailment impacting our mainline near Hope, BC.
    Service has now resumed. CN crews and personnel are working safely and diligently to recover all traffic which was affected by the disruption.


    Cargo theft a growing concern in Canada
    CALGARY – People may have found it odd when thieves made off with truckloads of hot tubs and beef within days of each other in rural Alberta, but the Insurance Bureau of Canada says it highlights a growing type of crime perpetrated by sophisticated culprits.
    “It’s obviously not a new problem. But from what we’re seeing in the statistics, the problem seems to be getting worse,” said Sid Kingma, who directs the bureau’s investigative services arm in Western Canada. Read more here.


    Retail Sales Rise for 4th Straight Month as Growth Slows
    NEW YORK — Americans kept spending in August, but the pace of that growth is slowing as millions of people who lost jobs have now lost a $600-a-week boost in their unemployment checks.
    Retail sales rose 0.6% last month, the fourth consecutive month of growth, the U.S. Commerce Department said Sept. 16. The increase in July was 0.9%. Read more here.

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