Newsletter – October 21, 2020

  • Newsletter – October 21, 2020


    Bangladesh air freight ‘mega-screwed’ as customs scanners break down again

    Another breakdown of cargo scanning equipment means air freight out of Bangladesh will be slow or non-existent until the second week of November.

    Only two of Dhaka Airport’s scanners have explosive-detection systems (EDS) and both are currently out of use – the airport has resorted to using explosive-detection dogs, but congestion is building and airlines have had to reschedule flights. Read more here.

    IATA Webinar Recording Available: DGR 62nd Edition Updates

    IATA has released a webinar recording  about updates to the IATA DGR 62nd edition.

    The link will be available until December 31.

    India limits non-scheduled freighter flights to six airports

    India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has limited non-scheduled and ad hoc cargo flights by foreign carriers to six airports.

    The change in country’s open sky policy was made following a government review and it is hoped the move will promote India’s airfreight carriers. Read more here.


    Botched digital customs clearance no help to congestion-hit trade in India
    A botched digitalisation programme has caused long customs clearance delays in India, exacerbating the country’s container shortage crisis.
    The ‘faceless assessment’ initiative has been rolled out at ports across India since June, to implement contactless and paperless customs clearance. Read more here.

    Carriers warn of impending changes to UK-EU security requirements
    Freight carriers including container shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd are warning customers to prepare for the implications of impending changes to UK-EU security requirements, including longer times needed to process documentation on short sea shipping services. Read more here.

    Carriers boost capacity on the transatlantic to keep pace with demand
    Transatlantic shippers can look forward to an increase in capacity on the trade, as both the 2M and THE alliances introduce larger ships.
    According to liner analyst Alphaliner, 2M partners Maersk and MSC are upgrading the TA2/NEUATL2 service by replacing the five 4,800 teu ships with vessels in the 5,500-8,800 teu range. Read more here.

    Pain for US importers appears far from over as seasonal stock pours in
    Retailers are concerned about delays to their holiday merchandise, as robust import volumes are straining the US west coast gateways.
    In particular, they claim, the port complex of Los Angeles and Long Beach is already struggling with lengthening transit times. Read more here.


    US Restocking Cycle to Boos Container Demand
    Retailers in the US overestimated the impact of the pandemic on consumer demand. As shoppers return, they have found inventory levels at record lows, prompting a surge in imports.
    Container shipping could continue to benefit from high import levels in to major consuming economies even during the traditional fourth-quarter slowdown. Read more here.

    Time is Running out to Prepare for Chagnes to Trade with Europe from January 1, 2021
    New rules are coming for trade between Great Britain and Europe. HMRC is contacting businesses to urge them to take action, so that they can continue trading with Europe from 1 January 2021.
    Time is running out, so if you import or export between Great Britain and Europe, you need to prepare now for new processes. You need to:
    -decide how you will make customs declarations
    -act now if you intend to get someone to do your customs declarations for you, and work with that person or -organisation keep your business moving from 1 January 2021
    -check if your imported goods are eligible for staged import controls
    Read more here.

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