Newsletter – March 30, 2021

  • Newsletter – March 30, 2021


    Korean Air’s Asiana Airlines Merger Should Be Completed In 2024
    Korean Air has delayed its merger with Asiana Airlines until 2024, according to a post-merger integration (PMI) plan submitted to Korea Development Bank (KDB). The airline still plans to purchase Asiana Airlines in 2022, but the two airlines will not be fully integrated until 2024. The delay is said to be related to issues acquiring antitrust approval from several authorities worldwide. Read more here.


    Suez containership freed but supply chain delays to continue
    The huge containership that has been blocking the Suez Canal for more than a week has now been freed.
    The vessel, which blocked the shipping artery for more than a week, has been towed to a lake further along the canal where it will undergo checks.
    As many as 370 vessels were waiting to pass along the canal before the vessel was freed, with an estimated $9.6bn worth of goods being held up each day.
    And the incident could have an ongoing impact on the already strained container shipping sector for weeks and months to come. Read more here.

    Avalanche of containers bound for European ports sparks congestion fears
    Ketchupeffekt is the Swedish term used by the port of Gothenburg to describe the avalanche of containers set to flood European ports in the coming weeks.
    Ketchup effect – as many can imagine – describes a situation or event where not much happens for a long time, and then a lot happens at once. The significance of ketchup will be clear to anyone who has ever tried to pour the sauce from a glass bottle — usually it takes several seconds before any comes out, and then you get a huge amount. Read more here.

    Green light for second port at Danang
    The prime minister of Vietnam has approved a plan to build the Lien Chieu Port in Danang at a cost of over VND3.4trn ($147m), easing congestion in the central Vietnamese port city.
    The new port, capable of handling ships of up to 8,000 teu, will be operational by 2025.
    Danang’s current main port, Tien Sa, is currently working at close to full capacity.
    Danang is the third largest city in the Southeast Asian country, located in the middle of the coastline. Read more here.

    North America – Operational Updates
    In order to better inform you of the operational situation within USA and Canada, we would like to inform you that our Region North America – Operations & Customer Service Advisory notices are now posted directly to the website in the Offices and Local Information > North America > USA section. In particular, you can find them at the bottom of the Local Information page. Read more here.


    Purolator adds electric trucks, bikes to Vancouver fleet
    Canadian courier company Purolator has announced it is deploying new electric delivery trucks and electric cargo bikes (e-bikes) in Vancouver, British Columbia, as it continues to push toward its sustainability goals.
    The trucks are 18-foot vehicles built on Ford’s (NSYE: F) F-59 platform and powered by Motiv Power System’s Electric Power Intelligent Chassis (EPIC) powertrain. This represents Purolator’s first collaboration with Motiv in Canada. Read more here.


    Canada Has Found 30 Passengers With Possible Fake COVID Tests
    At least 30 people have been caught entering Canada with false-negative COVID test results. Canada requires everyone entering the country to have taken a COVID-19 molecular test. However, Canadian authorities have reason to believe at least 30 people have used falsified documents to enter the country since January 7th. Read more here.

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