Newsletter – March 25, 2019

  • Newsletter – March 25, 2019

    Shippers want more transparency from those who handle their ocean freight
    Shippers have called on carriers, infrastructure operators and freight service providers to improve visibility in the ocean freight supply chain.
    Speaking at the European Shippers’ Council’s Maritime Day in Rotterdam last week, Bart Kuipers of the city’s Erasmus University said ports had a particularly bad reputation. Read more here. 

    Uncertainty remains over who will pay for compliance with IMO 2020
    Carriers and shippers remain in dispute over who will pay for compliance with the pending sulphur fuel cap.
    And they have further concerns over unified global enforcement. Read more here. 

    Low freight rates and high bunker costs see Zim sail into the red
    Israeli container shipping line Zim yesterday posted a net loss for 2018 of $119.9m, despite a 9.2% increase in revenue to $3.2bn, a four-year high.
    Zim said depressed freight rates in the first half and high bunker costs were the primary causes, while a second-half rally in rates was not enough to keep the line out of the red. Read more here. 

    Growing demand for electric vehicles driving change in automotive sector
    Automotive supply chains are set to be transformed, particularly in Asia, with Singapore poised to emerge as a new automotive hub. Read more here. 

    What are the top ten risks to supply chains this year?
    The top ten supply chain risks this year include raw material shortages, safety recalls, climate change and containership fires – alongside more obvious concerns, such as trade wars and the economy.  Read more here. 


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