Newsletter – March 13, 2019

  • Newsletter – March 13, 2019

    Air cargo needs to step up to capitalize on e-commerce
    The air cargo industry needs to improve in various areas if it is to capitalize on the opportunity presented by e-commerce, according to speakers at the World Cargo Symposium.  Read more here. 

    Air cargo set to speed up and increase visibility over the coming years
    Over the coming years air cargo supply chains are expected to speed up, information will be shared more widely and transport operations will become more efficient, according to speakers at IATA’s World Cargo Symposium.  Read more here. 

    Frankfurt Cargo Services hits back over ‘unfair’ fee for unloading shipments
    Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS) has hit back over accusations it is trying to implement an unfair fee which penalizes smaller businesses. Read more here. 

    Shell readies low sulphur offering
    Following on from yesterday’s roll-out of low sulphur fuel outlets by BP, Reuters is reporting Shell has signed with Dutch tank terminal firm HES International to partially restart a German oil refinery mothballed since 2011 in order to produce compliant fuel ahead of 2020’s shipping sulphur cap. Read more here. 

    ONE too many?
    When the three Japanese carriers announced to the world that their containerlines will be united under one brand, the world of maritime shipping didn’t blink. It was, after all, the period of upheaval and stress exacerbated by Korea’s HMM and Hanjin falling into the abyss, Maersk and MSC’s network rationalisation, and Cosco’s relentless march swallowing CSCL and ultimately OOCL. Read more here. 

    Germany is paralyzed by an impossible choice
    The global order that underpins German prosperity is unraveling. And Angela Merkel doesn’t know what to do about it.
    President Donald Trump’s America First policy is forcing Germany to make an impossible choice between the U.S. and China—pitting the force behind the country’s modern economic success against the key to its future growth. Read more here. 


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