Newsletter – July 12, 2019

  • Newsletter – July 12, 2019


    June Performance Metrics, Port of Montreal
    In June, the Port of Montreal handled 142,728 TEU, up 5.4% from June a year ago. Terminal dwell time was 2.1 days, and truck processing time was 43 minutes.

    Shippers seeking transload options for containerized imports
    Transloading services are becoming an increasingly popular option for international shippers looking to beat the cost of carrier haulage by an ocean carrier and to better manage their inventory.  Read more here.

    Inside box shipping’s Caribbean ‘transshipment triangle’
    When most people think of the Caribbean, they think hammocks strung between rustling palm trees, rum and Coke with more rum than Coke, white-sand beaches, turquoise waters – relaxation.
    When ocean shipping and terminal executives think of the Caribbean, they see a fierce battleground, a fight for customers among shifting alliances, a relentless struggle to secure razor-thin profit margins. Read more here.

    Another bumper peak season expected for US box imports
    The transpacific is set to enjoy another bumper peak season, buoyed by cargoes booked for shipment before the recent US-China trade war rapprochement. Read more here.


    Chinese manufacturers returning home from ‘inefficient’ Vietnam despite US trade war tariffs
    As the US trade war hastens the surge of factories moving out of China and into Vietnam, some Chinese manufacturers are urging their peers to think twice before relocating, with one footwear factory owner having abandoned a 5 million yuan (US$728,000) factory in the Southeast Asian country after just one year. Read more here.

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