Newsletter – February 19, 2021

  • Newsletter – February 19, 2021


    Why China’s Airlines Need To Resume International Flying
    With the notable exception of airlines belonging to the HNA Group, there’s an assumption that Chinese airlines are flying high. Despite a recent capacity reduction over the Lunar New Year due to temporary Chinese Government internal travel restrictions, domestic seat capacity was bouncing along at or near to 2019 levels. But seat capacity is just one metric to judge how an airline is progressing. Read more here.

    January air cargo volumes at same level as year ago
    Worldwide air cargo volumes in January were at the same level as in January 2020, the first month since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic not to show a decline year-over-year (YoY), according to the latest figures from WorldACD. Read more here.


    Shippers worldwide ‘furious’ at ‘chaotic’ ocean freight market
    Shippers worldwide are “furious” at the chaotic state of the ocean freight market and the lack of mechanisms to resolve it, according to the Global Shippers’ Alliance (GSA), which represents the logistics interests of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.
    Sustained buoyant demand, tight vessel capacity and an acute lack of available empty containers in key export locations has led to major congestion at certain key ports, affecting freight flows and supply chains globally and triggering a surge in shipping rates. Read more here.


    Canada – Quebec Spring Thaw
    Please note that Spring Thaw impacts all containers, both import and export, moving through the province of Quebec. Spring Thaw Dates are subject to change without any notification, please refer to Transport Quebec website for the most up to date details at the following links:



    Statement by Minister of Labour, Filomena Tassi
    Today, the Minister of Labour, Filomena Tassi, issued the following statement regarding the collective bargaining negotiations between the Syndicat des débardeurs, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 375 and the Maritime Employers Association:
    “The Government of Canada has faith in the collective bargaining process. Read more here.


    Myanmar – Suspension of Import Bookings into Myanmar
    With continuous daily protests in Myanmar, the situation is becoming more and more tense. Operationally, the terminals in Myanmar are close to full capacity and feeder services, road transportation is limited, and with a number of factories and depots working with a skeleton labour force. Read more here.

    Supply chain struggles continue in frozen South
    A second winter storm this week slammed parts of the South Wednesday and Thursday, with at least 10 cities reporting multiple daily records for snowfall and low temperatures.
    Fortunately, this storm exited the region Thursday night. A warming trend across the South should help recovery efforts and get freight movement slowly back to normal. Any truckers still stuck on roads should finally be able to get out. Read more here.

    Indonesia Shipping Logjams Expected To Worsen After Ramadan
    JAKARTA — With the coronavirus-induced shortage of shipping containers wreaking havoc on cargo transport to and from Indonesia, companies operating in the country expect further disruptions to their supply chains during an upcoming holiday to mark the end of Ramadan. Read more here.

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