Newsletter – September 18, 2019

  • Newsletter – September 18, 2019


    Over 100 Flights Cancelled Due To Forest Fires In Indonesia
    Forest fires on Sumatra and Borneo over the weekend forced the cancellation of over 100 flights, according to a report in AIN Online. The fires have been causing delays and cancellations, primarily to domestic flights around Indonesia but smoke and haze have also seen Supadio International Airport in West Kalimantan and Sultan Syarif Kassim II International Airport in Sumatra temporarily close. Read more here. 

    Top 20 Cargo Hubs: LA and Doha surge up the cargo field
    There was no change among the world’s top five cargo gateways in 2018 but there was movement further down the table, reported Airports Council International. Read more here. 

    Global slowdown prompts mass retirement of FedEx freighters
    US parcel delivery giant FedEx is retiring some of its older freighter aircraft in response to a slowdown in the global economy.  Read more here. 


    Poor communication about blank sailings has shippers and forwarders up in arms
    THE inconsistencies and tardiness of canceled sailing announcements by shipping lines around China’s Golden Week is causing frustration to both shippers and forwarders.
    The issue was highlighted by Sea-Intelligence Maritime Consulting, with the analyst taking a dim view of what it considers to be blank sailing gamesmanship by the 2M and Ocean alliances, reported IHS Media. Read more here.

    Scrubber malfunction video goes viral
    Video evidence circulating among the shipbroking community yesterday has spooked the world’s scrubber advocates.
    The 50-second clip (see below) shows hundreds of gallons of water pouring into the engine room of an unspecified vessel. Read more here.

    Marine insurers call for more action to improve cargo theft prevention measures
    Toronto, ON — IUMI (the International Union of Marine Insurance) has published a revision of its position paper containing recommendations aimed at improving the prevention of cargo theft and countering this growing issue. Read more here.


    ‘Moving forward, we will be building vehicles on top of computers’
    Truck manufacturers are pushing full steam ahead into connected vehicle platforms, using telematics and data integration to drive value for customers while providing countless other benefits for partners, the community and the OEMs themselves. Read more here. 

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