Newsletter – March 2, 2018

  • Newsletter – March 2, 2018



    Year end 2017 cargo surge at Asia-Pacific and Middle East airport hubs
    Airfreight tonnages at Asia-Pacific and Middle East airports grew 4.8% and 2.1% respectively in December according to regional airport body ACI Asia-Pacific.
    Growth continued to be driven by “buoyant demand on exports, improved business confidence and growing e-commerce activities” in the Asia-Pacific region. Read more here. 


    Severe weather hit UK supply chains this week, with several ports closing or suspending services because of snow and high winds.
    Red warnings have been issued across the UK after a weather system of Siberian origin– dubbed “the beast from the east” – collided with Storm Emma. Read more here (login required)


    It’s the coming of age for wearable technology in logistics
    The integration of wearables into the logistics and maintenance industries has yet to see widespread adoption despite being mooted as a potential game-changer.
    Why such technologies have failed to take off is due to a variety of factors, but what is apparent is that – regardless of whether wearables to date have lacked the mobility or security capabilities to fully support the ways in which we now work – those capabilities are rapidly building, and organisations remain keen and willing to unlock the potential such devices have. Read more here (login required)

    China is turning Ethiopia into a giant fast-fashion factory
    Standing in a sunny office in Indochine International’s brand-new factory, Raghav Pattar, vice president of this Chinese apparel manufacturer, is ebullient. It’s November, barely six months since the Hawassa Industrial Park opened, and already he has 1,400 locals at work. Pattar is shooting to employ 20,000 Ethiopians by 2019. “Twenty-four months ago, the land we’re sitting on was farm fields,” he says. “What country can change in 24 months? That is Ethiopia!” Read more here (login required).

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