Newsletter – January 30, 2020

  • Newsletter – January 30, 2020


    Coronavirus Set to Impact Air Cargo
    The air cargo industry is bracing itself for the impact of measures taken to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus in China.
    British Airways announced yesterday that it will suspend all direct flights to and from mainland China. United Airlines and Cathay Pacific are among the other airlines that had already announced plans to reduce flight numbers. Others are expected to follow. Read more here.

    Coronavirus Airline & Flight Suspensions: A Complete Guide
    This article is being updated as we uncover news of other flight cancellations. Please refresh or return later for the most up to date information. Please contact Simple Flying with any suspensions or cancellations we have missed. Read more here.


    Container lines face intensifying cost squeeze

    If you want to make money in container shipping, better to lease out large ships to the liner companies than to be a liner company operating those vessels, paying the fuel bills and catering to cargo customers. Read more here.

    Investment in scrubbers starting to pay off as owners are offered ‘double’ rates
    Ships leaving yards after scrubber retrofits are being held at anchor to await open slots on service networks and may face further idling due to soft demand forecasts, said Alphaliner. Read more here.


    Rail Freight from Wuhan Suspended Until End of February
    Rail freight traffic from the Chinese province of Hubei, with its capital Wuhan, has come to a standstill. Trains are not permitted to leave the province until the end of February. Rail freight traffic from other provinces is still moving. This was announced on January and confirmed by various operators on the New Silk Road. Read more here.

    Volatile weather keeping Northwest freight region on its toes (with forecast video)
    The Northwest freight region remains volatile as frequent snowstorms have slammed the high elevations of the Cascades and northern Rockies over the past several weeks. Heavy rainfall has soaked the lower elevations from time to time, and the instability is forecast to linger at least through this weekend. Read more here.


    Chinese imports of tariffed goods from the US down 37%
    US seaborne exports to China of the goods which China has imposed tariffs on since the start of the trade war fell by 37.6% in the first 11 months of 2019 (11M 2019) compared to the same period of 2017, the last full year unaffected by the trade war, according to new figures from BIMCO. But despite the drop in US exports to China, total US seaborne exports of the tariffed goods have risen in the same period, as exports to the rest of the world have compensated for the decrease to China. Read more here.

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