Newsletter – January 23, 2020

  • Newsletter – January 23, 2020


    SWISS Latest To Announce Beijing Daxing Switch
    SWISS has become the latest airline to announce a switch to Beijing’s new Daxing Airport. A number of international airlines are currently switching across to Beijing’s new airport following its opening last year. Read more here.

    Wuhan Quarantined – Airport And Other Transport Closed
    Chinese authorities have quarantined the city of Wuhan in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. All departing flights have been canceled, as well as trains and other forms of mass transportation. Read more here.

    Airlines extend 737 MAX blackouts as Boeing eyes earlier production start
    Financial pain from the grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX program continues spreading to key industry stakeholders, but new CEO David Calhoun said Wednesday the company plans to slowly restart production a few months before aviation authorities certify the plane to fly again. Read more here.


    Port of Montreal continues record cargo pace and expansion projects
    As 2020 begins, there are no signs that Montreal, Canada’s second biggest port after Vancouver, strategically located deep inland in relation to the industrial heartland of North America, is slowing down in terms of both capacity and cargo expansion. Last year marked the first time the Port of Montreal surpassed 40 million metric tons in total cargo handled – with the tally attaining 40.5 million tons versus 39 million tons in 2018. And another record was set in container volume, which rose by 4.4% to 1.75 million TEUs. Read more here.


    New digital platform launched for tracking cargo at hubs
    A new platform that claims to allow freight forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers to get hands-free visibility of cargo and automate their warehouse operations has been launched.
    The Cargocast platform tracks each cargo piece using RFID, pinpointing cargo in a warehouse within 2 ft radius. Read more here.

    ‘Book it right and pack it tight’
    With the incorrect declaration, packing, handling and stowage of dangerous goods of all types seen as a primary cause of many container ship fires, and to a backdrop of the mandatory enforcement of the latest version of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods  (IMDG) Code, Amendment 39-18, from 1 January this year,  insurance mutuals, UK P&I and TT Club, have once more collaborated in publishing guidelines under the title, Book it Right and Pack it Tight. Read more here.

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