Newsletter – January 15, 2018

  • Newsletter – January 15, 2018


    New Turkish Cargo freighter to be used on Miami route

    Turkish Cargo will use its recently delivered Boeing 777-200F on a new weekly route to Miami.
    The service will begin at Istanbul, departing on Sundays, first heading to Madrid, then new destination Miami before heading to Houston and then back to Istanbul, arriving on Tuesday mornings. Read more here.

    Brussels Airport to introduce slot booking for trucks

    Brussels Airport will launch its slot booking app for certain gates at the warehouses of Aviapartner and WFS to help reduce waiting times next week.
    The BRUcloud slot booking app, first revealed in May, will go live on January 15, allowing trucking companies and freight forwarders to book time slot at a warehouse gate ahead of arrival. Read more here.



    Calais-UK trucks ‘still being attacked on a daily basis’
    Despite the closure of the ‘Jungle’ migrant camp in Calais in October 2016, cross-Channel trucks are still being attacked on a daily basis, according to the UK’s Road Haulage Association (RHA), which claims it has evidence that some French officers are deliberately allowing migrants to pass their controls undetected by turning off heartbeat monitors at the French border. Read more here.

    Box lines will reap consolidation benefits, but ‘shippers need not be alarmed’
    Despite the radical changes in the container shipping landscape, that will see almost 90% of trade controlled by just seven operators, shippers should not be overly concerned about a loss of competitiveness in the market. Read more here.



    US blacklist of counterfeit peddlers is the latest flashpoint in a potential trade row with China
    The decision by the United States Trade Representative to keep the world’s largest online shopping platform on its blacklist of counterfeit peddlers is a politicised process to create a scapegoat in a trade row between the two biggest economies on earth, said Alibaba Group Holdings. Read more here.

    Top ten logistics ‘game changers’
    Near the start of each New Year, we humbly endeavour to highlight the major strategic changes occurring throughout the freight transportation and logistics universe.
    Below, we present our current assessment of the ten most important game changers currently in play across the industry and the associated investment implications. Read more here.

    China’s waste import changes impacting freight sector
    New Chinese restrictions on imported waste, introduced since 1 January, are set to have significant implications for the international freight transport, logistics and supply chain sectors – particularly for backhaul east-west intercontinental container shipping trades, although the changes are also likely to lead to rising costs to supply chains from higher packaging costs. Read more here.

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