Newsletter – February 19, 2020

  • Newsletter – February 19, 2020


    Heathrow Airport’s Runway Blocked Causing United Airlines Emergency
    Flights from London’s busy Heathrow airport are reportedly being stopped from taking off due to an aircraft blocking the runway. According to reports, runway 27R is blocked, causing problems for aircraft arriving and leaving. Reports suggest that Public Health England has stopped passengers from leaving one plane. Read more here.

    MAX crisis hits 737 conversion plans as carriers opt to hang onto older aircraft
    The ripples from the grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft are now hitting 737 freighter conversions.
    Given the uncertainty over the return of the aircraft type into service, airlines that were in the process of converting their narrowbody fleets from 737NGs to the MAX type are holding on to the older aircraft. Read more here.

    Wheel Falls Off Of Air Canada Airbus A319 Before Toronto Landing
    An Air Canada flight had to make a heart-stopping emergency landing without a wheel yesterday. The Airbus A319 was heading into Toronto from New York when it was discovered that it no longer had one of its main landing wheels. The aircraft landed safely with all 120 passengers reported to be secure and well. Read more here. 


    Commentary: Will railroad reefer traffic ever return?
    Where’s the strategic volume growth?
    Just five years ago, in April 2014, BNSF expected to begin moving eggs and other perishables in unit trains with McKay TransCold as the lead organizer and customer. McKay was and is a third-party logistics service provider. Read more here.


    Coronavirus: China’s east coast provinces offer chartered transport, rewards to get rural migrants back to work
    Provincial governments in China’s east coast manufacturing hubs have begun arranging buses, trains and flights to bring migrant workers back to factories as the country desperately tries to restart production halted by the coronavirus outbreak. Read more here.

    Apple warns of supply-chain shortages from coronavirus
    US electronics giant Apple has become one of the first major ‘bellwether’ global manufacturers to warn of supply-chain shortages resulting from the Covid-19 coronavirus – to the extent that its financial results will be affected. Read more here.

    Cambodia to be hit by more EU tariffs after ignoring concerns over human rights
    After “severe and systematic” violations of human and labour rights, the EU is to ‘tax’ more Cambodian exports – a blow to the country’s forwarders and its apparel industry.
    From 12 August, tariffs will be applied to 20% of Cambodia’s exports to the EU, representing around $1.3bn of goods previously duty-free. The EU receives nearly half of Cambodia’s exports. Read more here.

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