Newsletter – February 15, 2019

  • Newsletter – February 15, 2019

    Why the Superjumbo A380 Is Flying Into Retirement
    Airbus SE took the drastic measure of terminating its flagship A380 superjumbo, with the last double-deckers rolling off the production line in 2021. That will be just 14 years after its first commercial flight and just a year after Airbus appeared to have secured the aircraft’s long-term future with a much-needed order from Emirates. But its biggest customer had second thoughts and pared back its commitment, leaving Airbus with no choice but to scrap the program.  Read more here. 

    YVR in early stages of planning new cargo facility
    Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is in the early stages of planning to develop about 44 acres of land that will be the foundation of a new “modern cargo and logistics facility.” Read more here. 

    Bangladesh starts building its largest port
    he congested nature of Bangladeshi ports is set for some alleviation with the construction of a giant new port. Read more here. 

    Brexit deadline looms for Asia-bound ships as slow boats to China set sail from the UK
    Dozens of cargo ships will set sail on Friday from the United Kingdom on journeys that will see them enter Asian ports after the United Kingdom has left the European Union. Read more here. 


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