Newsletter – August 5, 2019

  • Newsletter – August 5, 2019


    Hong Kong strikes hit cargo operations
    Hundreds of flights from Hong Kong, the world’s busiest cargo airport, have been cancelled as protesters continue coordinated strikes that are bringing chaos to the city.
    Pilots, flight crews and air traffic controllers are all reported to have joined city wide demonstrations. Read more here.

    Heathrow: strike action on Monday suspended as union talks continue
    A planned strike by Heathrow airport workers has been suspended to allow for further talks between airport management and union officials. Read more here.


    Maple Leaf Motoring: Why more cross-border freight flows to Canada than U.S
    Nearly twice as much freight by volume and by spend travels from the United States to Canada than the other way around on Transplace’s network.
    “The disparity is pretty glaring,” said Jeff Thomas, senior vice president of capacity services at the Texas-based transportation management provider. Read more here.


    Southern Railways cancels trains as heavy rains lash Mumbai
    Due to heavy rainfall and water logging in parts of Central and Western Railway especially around Mumbai, the Southern Railway has changed the pattern of certain train services. Read more here.

    Trade war is back on: time to check warehousing markets
    U.S. warehousing markets don’t have much slack to absorb tariff pull-forward, having just recovered from the last round of China tariffs. Los Angeles has a vacancy rate around 2 percent and Savannah has a vacancy rate around 1 percent. Read more here.

    BREAKING NEWS: Mexico supplants China as #1 U.S. trading partner
    The ongoing trade spat with China – and the subsequent U.S. tariffs on over $500 billion of Chinese goods has had another effect on the relationship between the two countries.
    For the first six months of 2019, Mexico supplanted China as the top trading partner of the United States. Read more here.

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