Newsletter- April 6, 2020

  • Newsletter- April 6, 2020


    Air freight market ‘evolving dramatically’
    Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and perishables are keeping air cargo markets afloat, supporting freight rates and charter prices even as demand for many consumer products and manufacturing supplies nosedives due to economic shutdowns in many parts of the world. Read more here.


    Box lines accelerate service cancellations
    Container lines have announced a series of further major service cancellations to reflect falling demand, with the Asia-Europe trade set to see the largest capacity withdrawal, entering a four-week period with around one third of the capacity removed from the market, according to industry analyst Sea-Intelligence.  Read more here.

    Carriers cancel low-sulphur surcharges as fuel prices drop – along with demand
    Container spot rates from Asia to Europe remained stable this week and, having withdrawn around a third of headhaul capacity for April, carriers will hope they have done enough to match the collapse in demand. Read more here.


    Google Publishes Location Data Across 130 Countries To Show How Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Working
    Topline: Google is publishing users’ anonymized location data during the coronavirus pandemic to measure how busy sites like shops, train stations and offices are, in an attempt to show how well social distancing is working, and to help public health authorities combat the virus. Read more here.

    Trump encourages imports for coronavirus relief, while stopping U.S. exports
    U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday touted the success of a government airlift that is bringing urgently needed medical supplies from around the world to healthcare workers combating the coronavirus. Read more here.

    US medical suppliers get antitrust clearance to collaborate during pandemic
    The Justice Department on Saturday announced that it will not challenge the joint logistics activities of five large American medical supplies manufacturers to accelerate the distribution of protective gear during the U.S. coronavirus outbreak. Read more here.

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