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  • Newsletter - February 25, 2020

    OCEAN FREIGHT UPDATES Threat of more Lake Ontario flooding may prompt a delay in commercial shipping The prospect of still more flooding on the Lake Ontario shoreline has driven regulators to consider an unprecedented delay in the start of the commercial shipping season. An international board could vote...

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  • Newsletter - February 24, 2020

    AIR FREIGHT UPDATES DDC to begin commercial testing of its largest cargo delivery drone Toronto, ON — Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) announced that it will begin the commercialization of the Condor. The Condor has a lifting capability of 180kgs (400lbs) of payload, a travel range of 200kms and an operating speed...

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  • Newsletter - February 21, 2020

      AIR FREIGHT UPDATES Hong Kong Airlines Fires Workers As Financial Worries Grow Hong Kong Airlines has started to let workers go after a brutal few months of poor performance. Thanks to prolonged unrest in Hong Kong followed by the restriction of flights due to the coronavirus, the startup airline has been...

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  • Newsletter - February 20, 2020

    AIR FREIGHT UPDATES Boeing Wants Tax Breaks Suspended Amid US-EU Trade Dispute The long-running trade dispute between the EU and the US has taken another turn this week as Boeing has reportedly asked for its tax breaks to be removed. The tax breaks, worth an estimated $1bn to Boeing since 2004, could be suspended...

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  • Newsletter - February 19, 2020

    AIR FREIGHT UPDATES Heathrow Airport’s Runway Blocked Causing United Airlines Emergency Flights from London’s busy Heathrow airport are reportedly being stopped from taking off due to an aircraft blocking the runway. According to reports, runway 27R is blocked, causing problems for aircraft arriving and leaving....

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