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Supply Chain Visibility

Purchase Order Tracking
Purchase orders are tracked at the point of origin—at the top of the supply chain—to ensure full visibility. Events are entered by all parties involved, such as the supplier, logistics providers and customers, so that events are sent automatically in real time.

Shipment Tracking
With our simple portal interface, it is quick and easy to get a status report on shipments.  Our tracking system is built upon OEC’s global system, which allows OEC locations around the world to access a real-time global database. Status events are a combination of system-generated events, events received from carriers and events manually entered by OEC staff or external partners. Start tracking today by logging into our portal at track.oecgroup.ca .

Pro-Active E-Notifications
OEC has been providing event-driven email alert services to customers for more than 10 years. We utilize a custom-developed email engine that currently sends over 5000 emails a day, globally. Our publish/subscribe mechanism allows us to configure email alerts based on any parties referenced on a shipment including shippers, consignees, notify parties or brokers. We offer an extensive array of email alert types in various formats including text, HTML and PDF.

On-line KPI and Management Reporting
KPI reports are essential in order to optimize supply chains. OEC systems enable companies to focus on specific issues in their supply chain, to correct, improve and monitor results. Users can generate reports online and information can be displayed in many formats, including HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Self-Serve Business IntelligenceTools
OEC has best-in-class Business Intelligence tools (BI), which are made available to the customer to run customized reports. Companies may customize these BI reports to answer specific internal business unit requirements.