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OEC Group provides custom-tailored and fully-integrated logistics services and solutions. OEC Group’s commitment and dedication to results, high quality service, innovation and professionalism deliver unparalleled success to our clients. OEC Group’s global network brings forth optimal logistics intelligence, performance-driven and cost-effective strategies, keeping us on the cutting edge of the logistics industry.

A global leader in the logistics and supply chain industry, OEC Group is dedicated to creating growth, loyalty and value for its clients, employees and partners.  Driven by a philosophy of peak performance and dynamism, OEC Group together with its global network is devoted to delivering optimal services and solutions worldwide through a commitment to excellence, passion and innovation.
OEC Group is committed to delivering innovative, best-in-class services that consistently perform for customers around the globe.

We pledge to provide our clients with a secure supply chain, enhanced value and peace of mind. We continuously deliver peak performance, unyielding loyalty, and unparalleled service.

We are dedicated to the professional development of each employee, the fostering of our corporate culture, the growth of our community, and the sustainability of our environment.

OEC Group’s professionalism and integrity demand nothing less.