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B2B Integration

Vendor Integration

Third party EDI integration (EDI Clearing organizations)
OEC provides EDI services for customers and partners by utilizing our best-in-industry EDI Clearing Service.

Data is translated from one format to another or processed into OEC’s database directly, providing the end user with full data visibility. Examples of possible EDI exchanges include, Freight Billing, Tracking Status Updates and Air Waybills / Bills of Lading. We support the most common EDI interfaces, including EDIFACT, FLATFILE, XML, ANSI X.12, Web Services and customer specific – i.e. SAP. We also support the most common communication procedures, such as Secured File transfer (FTP), HTTP, Mail SMTP and VAN support.

Carriers and Customs EDI integration
OEC has established EDI interfaces with many carriers and customs systems. Shipment visibility is ensured by a variety of data input—especially automatic events through EDI connections. Customers receive shipment events as they occur at the carrier levels and are complemented by customs notifications, such as Release/Hold notifications.